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Earn your Associate Degree in Bible and Ministry 


For over eighty years. LABI has offered an education in biblical, theological, and ministerial studies. Today, in order to reflect the needs of a multicultural and Hispanic context, the college’s curriculum focuses on preparing men and women who have received a calling from God to enter into either full-time ministry, lay ministry, or pursue higher education. Our Associate degree in Bible and Ministry aims to meet the needs of a new generation of ministers who view higher education as an essential component to being equipped to do ministry.
This degree encompasses the essential biblical, theological, ministerial, and general education courses that prepare the student for ministerial service and a higher education. The curriculum aims to satisfy this objective by offering two educational options: an Associate Degree in Bible and Ministry and a Diploma in Biblical Studies. Please see the Extensions tab for more information on the Diploma program. In addition, the Associate degree and Diploma program both satisfy all credential and licensing course requirements necessary for the Southern Pacific District of the Assemblies of God.

Bible and Ministry Program Objectives  

The objectives of the Bible and Ministry degree describe the desired learning outcomes of the program. The objectives listed below are concerned with the essential skills necessary for graduation.  Graduates from our program will be able to demonstrate:

  1. Theological Knowledge
  2. Applied Ministerial Practice
  3. Critical Analyses of the Bible
  4. Information and Writing Literacy
  5. Communication Effectiveness


  1. Christian and Pentecostal Theological Knowledge

The graduate from our program will be able to demonstrate competency in fundamental theological concepts. Students will be able to identify and articulate the core theological views of the Christian Church and Pentecostalism.

  1. Applied Ministerial Practice

The graduate from our program will be able to demonstrate a wide range of knowledge and experiences related to applied ministerial practice. This includes skills such as preaching, administration, teaching, counseling, leadership, and supervised practicums. Graduates will value diverse cultural contexts and gain knowledge in how to minister effectively within Christian settings.

  1. Critical Analyses of the Bible

The graduate from our program will be able to assess and evaluate biblical texts; assess and evaluate the historical and literary composition of the text. They will also be able to communicate, discuss, and present interpretations of the biblical text.

  1. Information and Writing Literacy

The graduate from our program will be able to demonstrate information and writing literacy skills; write effectively and within a research format, generate theories, and in written format able to effectively articulate their reasoning.

  1. Communication Effectiveness

The graduate from our program will be able to integrate awareness and knowledge of various Biblical concepts, theological perspectives, and ministerial principles through an effective verbal communication approach. Appropriate communication will include but is not limited to, course presentations, paper presentations, teaching, video development, preaching, and success through the communication components of the portfolio project.

Core Curriculum and Requirements for the Associate Degree in Bible and Ministry

Sample Paradigm to Help Complete your Associate Degree in Bible and Ministry

Take these Classes per Semester for a Two Year completion

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