Enrollment Calendar


Applicants should take proper steps to ensure that their credentials are sent to the Office of Admission as early as possible, preferably not less than thirty (30) days before the beginning of the semester in which they plan to enroll.

Orientation, Registration, and the Opening of the Fall 2017 Semester

1) All newly admitted students are expected to attend Orientation.

2) LABI gives credit for satisfactory completion of accredited college completion course that comply with our discipline of study. A maximum of 13 units can be transferred in from approved schools or courses of study.

3) Any student who supplies false or misleading information or who conceals pertinent facts in order to enroll at LABI will be subject to immediate dismissal from the College. Note: Space limitation or budgetary constraints may restrict admission in a given year. This may require the adjustment of minimum requirements or the establishment of earlier application deadlines.

4) The LABI reserves the right to adjust application deadlines according to enrollment needs.


  • ● Open Online Registration Aug. 1
  • ● New/Returning Students Registration Aug. 10-11
  • ● New student Orientation Aug 12
  • ● Classes Begin Aug. 14
  • ● Last Day to Add/Drop Aug 25
  • ● LABI College Days/ Fine Arts  April 5-7
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