Associate Degree in Youth Ministry

Associate in Youth Ministry: Program Description and Learning Outcomes (PLO’s)

The associate degree in Youth Ministry at LABI College aims to train future or current youth ministers, children pastors, or youth educators with foundational knowledge in the Bible, theology, and the youth ministry. This program is designed for students who want to gain knowledge of youth ministry and ministering in this cultural context. Students entering into this program have a clear focus in being youth ministers who can communicate and contextualize the gospel to a variety of youth demographics. There are five core learning outcomes for graduates of our program.

1. Applied Youth Ministerial Practice

2. Christian and Pentecostal Theological Knowledge

3. Critical Analysis of the Bible

4. Information and Writing Literacy

5. Communication Effectiveness


Division of General Education (Required 19 Units)

‣ COL101 Preparation for College Success (1)
‣ SPE106 Public Speaking (3)
‣ ENG123 Christian Writing & Composition (3) or ENG126 Persuasive Writing (3) ‣ PSY112 Marriage and Family (3) or PSY101 Introduction to Psychology (3)
‣ MAT163 Math and Personal & Financial Management (3)
‣ HIS165 US History (3) or HIS180 Latinos in US History (3)
‣ HIS203 Church History I

Division of Youth Ministry (Required: 20 Units)

‣ MIN122 Introduction to Missions (2)
‣ MIN126 AG His/Miss & Gov (1)
‣ MIN157 Leadership for Youth Ministry (2)
‣ MIN162 Pastoral Theology (2)
‣ MIN182 Practicum I (1)
‣ MIN183 Practicum II (1)
‣ MIN184 Practicum III (1)
‣ MIN185 Practicum IV (1)
‣ MIN213 Introduction to Youth Ministry (3)
‣ MIN234 Current Issues in Youth Ministry (3) ‣ MIN236 Counseling in Youth Ministry (3)

Division of Theology (Required: 9 Units)

‣ THE103 Introduction to Systematic Theology (3) ‣ THE124 Pentecostal Theology (3)
‣ THE256TheologicalEthics(3)

Division of Bible (Required: 12 Units)

‣ BIB110 Old Testament Literature (3)
‣ BIB120 New Testament Literature (3)
‣ BIB220 Biblical Exegesis (3)
‣ BIB233 Acts (3) or BIB213 General Epistles (3)

Electives (Required 6 Units)





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