Board of Trustees

The LABI College Board of Trustees is composed of elected members as well as ex-officio members who vote on all matters presented to the Board of Trustees. Each person who is asked to serve the college displays talents and has the energy required by the college to realize its vision and fulfill its mission.

The college’s goal is to provide the transparency of operation that the college’s entire community, including its neighbors, faculty, parents, students as well as other constituencies, expect from it.



Dr. Grace Morales-Scott, Ph.D. Chairwoman, President, LABI College Foundation

Earl Massey, Vice-Chairman

Michael Newcomb, Secretary



Dr. Marty Harris, Ph. D., President/Chief Executive Officer

Rev. Ruben Mora, Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Grace Morales-Scott, Ph.D. Chairwoman



Rev. Silvia Carrizo –Ex-Officio,  Secretary/Treasurer, Southern Pacific District (click here for bio) 

Rev. Emilio De La Cruz – Southwest District Superintendent (click here for bio) 

David Franco (click here for bio) 

Rev. Jesse Galindo – NPLAD Superintendent (click here for bio) 

Hilario Garza – Northwest Hispanic District Superintendent   (click here for bio)      

Clyde Gonzales  (click here for bio) 

Paula Gonzales-Dager, Esq. ,J.D. (click here for bio)

Dr. Marty Harris, PhD –Ex-Officio  (click here for bio) 

Dr. Augie Lopez (click here for bio) 

Naomi Martinez-Cox (click here for bio)

Earl Massey  (click here for bio) 

Dr. Graciela Morales-Scott, PhD (click here for bio) 

Dr. Sergio Navarette, DMin –Ex-Officio, Southern Pacific District Superintendent (click here for bio) 

Rev. Michael Newcomb

Rev. William Rodriguez -Ex-Officio, Assistant Superintendent, Southern Pacific District

Rev. Judy Perez-Velazquez  (click here for bio)    


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