Campus Life


Life at LABI goes way beyond the classroom. Our on-campus students enjoy a tightly knit Christian community while living in our spacious dormitory rooms. Our dorm lobbies serve as great recreational areas with a ping pong table, fish tank, and movies being played in a LCD projector. Aside from the dorm life, our students engage in spiritual growth through chapel. They attend chapel at 6:30AM for prayer and have mid-day chapel services from 11AM until 12PM every Tuesday through Thursday. Each student is assigned a discipleship group which is personalized to meet their needs on an intimate level. Our students also are plugged into a church in which they are required to practice their ministerial skills under that church’s leadership. Students minister in different areas to include: evangelizing on the streets, visiting hospitals, feeding hungry, drama teams, music teams, etc.

Whether you’re seeking to study, participate in the ministry, social interaction, a safe and comfortable place to serve, knowledge about God and your identity, you’ll be in good hands during your years at LABI– and you’ll have fun, too.

All that you would hope from your college experience is here at LABI!

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