Campus Life


About LABI College Residence Life:

The LABI College dormitories are where most of the student life happens. The dorms themselves contain 32 rooms that comfortably fit 4 students. Each room has two bunk beds, a large dresser, and a large closet. Students are welcome to decorate their rooms and make them home. Inside the dormitories we also have our upstairs and downstairs lobbies equipped with tables, chairs, and space for socializing and studying. Additionally, the HeBrews Lobby Café is conveniently located in the downstairs lobby. HeBrews has snacks that range from fresh coffee to chips and other delicious items!

The Residence Team strives to make the dorm life exciting and memorable for every student that choose to live on campus

Residence Life Goals:


Students will develop a Biblical and theological foundation from a Pentecostal perspective.


Students will gain critical thinking and effective communication skills that will enable them to articulate the Christian faith in the church, academy, and society.

Spiritual Formation:

Students will experience Biblical and spiritual formation practices that will form their character in Christ, and assist them in discovering their call for ministry.


Students will learn a Biblically-based servant style of leadership, and develop competency in ministry skills that will prepare them for credentials with the Assemblies of God.


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