ABHE Accreditation Visit at LABI College

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LABI College (CA) will be hosting a comprehensive accreditation visit by a team of evaluators from the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) on October 25th through October 27th, 2016 to determine its compliance with the standards for accreditation. During the visit, representatives of the ABHE team will entertain comments from the public. Any members of the public interested in making a presentation regarding the College to the team should contact the College at the following telephone number (323-423-2787) or email address ( to determine a meeting time. Persons wishing to submit third party comments related to the institution may send them to Director, Commission on Accreditation, 5850 T. G. Lee Blvd., Suite #130, Orlando, FL, 32822. Persons interested in reviewing the standards for accreditation will find them on the ABHE website at They appear under “about accreditation.” The institution is subject to the “Comprehensive Integrated Standards for Institutional Accreditation.”

“The Oldest Hispanic Bible College in the U.S. Celebrates its 90th Anniversary”

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Fully endorsed by the Assemblies of God, LABI College prepares Christian men and women for service and ministry in the church and world. LABI is geographically located in the heart of La Puente, CA. The college has been graduating students from this current location since the 1940’s. Founded in 1926 by missionary Alice E. Luce, LABI College holds the distinction of being the oldest Hispanic Pentecostal educational institution in the country. Over the past 90 years, the college has developed and trained ministers, preachers and world changers. Graduates have gone on to study at Princeton, Harvard, Duke, California Baptist University, Fuller Theological Seminary, Azusa Pacific University, Vanguard University and many other prestigious colleges. Some notable graduates of LABI College include Dr. Nicky Cruz, Dr. Sonny Argonzoni, Dr. Sergio Navarette, Dr. Grace Morales-Scott and many others.

On Saturday evening, October 1st, 2016 at Orange County First Assembly of God, we will be hosting our 90th Anniversary Gala event. This event will bring together hundreds of alumni from across the country for a time of fellowship, celebration, sharing, and awards. The event will include special worship music shared by alumni, recognition awards, a silent auction, and other activities highlighting our 90 years of excellence. The event is being guided and directed by Dr. Grace Morales-Scott, LABI Distinguished Alumni, Honorary Doctorate recipient, and newly appointed President of the LABI College Foundation. The College Foundation was launched exclusively to raise funds for scholarships for our students. For more information about LABI College, please visit our website at For more information about the event, questions or comments, please contact Dr. Grace Morales-Scott at


gala flyer

Rudy Estrada Returns to LABI College as Academic Dean!

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It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Rudy Estrada as LABI College’s Dean of Academic Affairs. This newly focused position comes with unique responsibilities, and is geared exclusively toward academic leadership of our Associate Degree program in Bible and Ministry. This is the academic program we are seeking accreditation for from the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). After a careful search process, interview and recommendation, Rudy emerged as the recommended candidate. This part-time position begins Wednesday July 13th, 2016. Please join with me in welcoming Rudy back to LABI College.

Rudy Estrada originally began his appointment as the Chief Academic Officer of LABI College on August 1st, 2010. He oversaw all academic areas of the college which include the faculty, academic records, library, curriculum, and degree programs. He has served as the Accreditation Liaison Officer for the college and as an associate faculty member, having taught New Testament Survey, Romans, Acts, Greek I, and Hermeneutics. His area of specialty is in literary hermeneutics with a particular focus on Johannine Pneumatology. Since 2003 Rudy Estrada has been teaching in a variety of church ministries such as youth ministry, discipleship groups, and Christian education. He is a published writer in the Journal of Pentecostal Theology and a member of the Society of Pentecostal Studies. A licensed minister with the Assemblies of God since 2014, Rudy Estrada holds a Bachelor’s degree from Vanguard University, two Master degrees from Duke University, and is currently a doctoral student at Regent University where he is studying for his PhD.


Dr. Marty Harris,

President, LABI College


Drs. George and Shalini Pallil Donate $10,000 for Scholarship Funds


LABI College just received a $10,000 donation for Scholarship Funds from Drs. George and Shalini Pallil. Drs. George and Shalini Pallil currently pastor South Pasadena First Assembly of God and have already contributed $30,000 for Student Scholarships, totaling their contributions to LABI College to $40,000! In addition, Drs. George and Shalini Pallil have served on the Board of Trustees at LABI College and have taught courses on our campus for many years. LABI College has recently named the Enrollment Office in their honor, The Drs. George and Shalini Pallil Enrollment Services Center. Praise God for this blessing to our College and our students!

donateAbout Drs. George and Shalini Pallil: Drs. George and Shalini Pallil have reflected excellence with over forty years of commitment, dedication, and passion in service to the Kingdom. They have served in many ministry settings in various countries, doing missionary evangelism, church planting, teaching, and interdenominational work. Among the LABI community, they have left an indelible mark for their love for LABI, their investment of a scholarship endowment, their passion to serve, and their faithfulness to the Lord. Before entering the ministry, Dr. George Pallil worked as a science professor in India. In 1970, he graduated from AG’s Southern Asia Bible College in Bangalore, India. He was a missionary with the African Inland Mission to several African countries including Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Congo. He was Seminary Chaplain at Fuller Seminary from 1985-1987, as well as Pastor of Calvary Chapel AG (1997-2003) and South Pasadena AG (2008-present). Dr. Shalini Pallil graduated from Southern Asia Bible College (AG) in 1974. She served as a national missionary and church planter to the Hindus from 1972-1976. She also served in many other roles including Chaplain (Fuller Seminary), Professor (LABI College, Trinity Bible College), Missions Chair (Trinity Bible College), Women’s Ministry Director (SoCal AG), Co-Pastor and many more. Drs. George and Shalini Pallil both received their Doctorate in Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1990/1991. The Pallils were born and raised in India and have been married for 42 years (March 11th, 1974 to the present). They have 2 grown children and 2 grandsons. On May 4th, 2016, LABI College named the Enrollment Office after Drs. George and Shalini Pallil: The Drs. George and Shalini Pallil Enrollment Services Center.


Scholarship Opportunities for You!


Attention New and Returning Students!

LABI College offers various scholarship opportunities to help you pursue your Christian Education at LABI College. Many of the students within our program benefit from the scholarships we offer. If you’re a pastor’s kid, a worship leader, or a child of an alumn, there is a scholarship for you. Take a look at some of the scholarships offered.

Don’t forget that the Institutional Aid application is now available. The priority deadline is June 30th! If you would like to receive Institutional Aid this Fall 2016 semester, please fill out this application (CLICK HERE)

Student Eligibility

The Institutional Aid application is available to all applicants to the Associate’s degree of LABI College. Applicants must be taking at least 16 units to receive any award. All institutional aid award recipients must have received their admissions letter of acceptance before qualifying for institutional aid. This includes a submission of all admission forms along with the admission confirmation deposit. Failure to successfully matriculate, or academically register for returning students, will delay the student’s opportunity to receive financial assistance. Returning students must maintain a grade C or above in each class and maintain an outstanding Christian testimony in the areas of residence life, prayer participation, and chapel attendance to qualify for institutional aid awards.


The Institutional Aid application is available to all applicants to the Associate’s degree of LABI College. Applicants must be taking at least 16 units to receive any award. All institutional aid award recipients must have received their admissions letter of acceptance before qualifying for institutional aid. This includes a submission of all admission forms along with the admission confirmation deposit. Failure to successfully matriculate, or academically register for returning students, will delay the student’s opportunity to receive financial assistance. Returning students must maintain a grade C or above in each class and maintain an outstanding Christian testimony in the areas of residence life, prayer participation, and chapel attendance to qualify for institutional aid awards.


Institutional Aid that is awarded during the student’s first semester can be renewed their second semester. All requirements for eligibility must be maintained for the awards to be renewed. If all requirements are met, the student’s award is renewed automatically their following semester, receiving the same award amount. Eligibility for renewal is determined by the Institutional Aid committee before the beginning of the semester. Every new academic year, students must reapply for Institutional Aid.

Application Process and Deadlines

The priority deadline for all institutional aid applications is the final Friday of May. If there are any remaining available funds to be awarded the student must apply by the final Friday of June.


The following award amounts are the total given per semester. Only the highest award qualified for will be given. Awards cannot be “stacked” and the award amount cap per student per semester is $750

The Dina & Augie Lopez Scholarship

These are four (4) awards of $500 per semester. These scholarships are funded by the Augie Lopez Endowment. To receive the award students must submit the financial aid application.

The Bessie Huerta Scholarship

This is an award of $500 per semester. This scholarships is funded by the Bessie Huerta Endowment. To receive the award students must submit the financial aid application.

The Drs. George & Shalini Pallil Scholarship 

These are two (2) awards of $300 per semester. These scholarships are funded by the George & Shalini Pallil Endowment. To receive the award students must submit the financial aid application.

President’s Diversity and Inclusion Award

Part of the strategic diversity initiatives, this award is for students of different ethnic/racial backgrounds who have been traditionally “underserved” within our LABI College community and have a demonstrated interest, experience or plan to serve in diverse ministry experiences. Applicants to the Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship must: a) Complete the admissions application and all stated requirements and b) Submit a two page essay on how they believe their diversity experience will contribute to or advance the mission of LABI.  Generally, awards may include “up to” a 25% tuition scholarship discount for those that live on campus (resident) and can be “up to” 50% for those that are commuting (off campus students).

Missionary Scholarship

These are $750 scholarships for the children of missionaries that are awarded and applied to student accounts. To receive award students must submit the financial aid application and be a child of an active missionary.

Dean’s List Scholarship

This is a $500 scholarship for students with a cumulative GPA over 3.0. To be considered for renewal the recipient must maintain the required cumulative GPA and the above eligibility requirements.

Pastoral Family Scholarship

These are $500 scholarships that are awarded and applied to student accounts per semester. To receive award the student must submit the financial aid application and be a child of a licensed Senior Pastor.

Sibling Scholarship

This is a $500 scholarship awarded to both siblings if they are both enrolled full time and are living on campus. To receive an award both students must submit the financial aid application.

Alliance for Higher Education Minority Scholarship

These are $125 to $250 scholarships that are awarded to students. Only returning students may apply. To receive the award the student must submit the Alliance for Higher Education Scholarship application.

Out of State Scholarships

This scholarship is given to students who are from out of state. It is given to students for one year. Eligibility for renewal will depend upon available funds. For those who come from Arizona, Oregon, or Nevada the student will be awarded $250 per semester. All other states are awarded $500 per semester.

Work Study

This award allows the student to work on campus to help pay for a portion of the cost of his or her studies. To receive funding students must submit the financial aid application. Those students who fail to satisfactorily meet obligations will be charged a pro-rated amount for the uncompleted work. To renew work study award students must complete all work study hours and maintain their eligibility as described above.

Click HERE to apply for Institutional Aid

Click HERE to apply for Work-Study




Dr. Grace Morales-Scott Elected Chairwoman of LABI College!


We are proud to announce that Dr. Grace Morales-Scott has been elected as the new Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees for LABI College! Dr. Scott is the first woman elected to serve in this position. As Chairwoman, Dr. Scott will have the critical role of leading Board of Trustees meetings and agendas, providing advice and direction in terms of Constitution and By Laws, Mission and Vision, policy, and other important areas.


Dr. Grace Morales-Scott was born in Fresno and raised in Sanger, California. Her family were migrant workers who followed the seasonal crops. As a young child, while working in the grape fields alongside her family, her father shared with her to “go to school and get a good education.” Dr. Scott graduated from high school in 1958 and as a new Believer in Christ, was led to LABI. At LABI, she was mentored by and studied under Rev. Theodore Bueno, Dr. Victor De Leon, Jr., Rev. Esteban Camarillo, Ruth Orozco, Rev. Jovita Bonilla, Rev. Bertha Thomas and Dr. Joel Torres. Dr. Scott later obtained a BA in Psychology and an MA in Counseling from Cal State University, San Bernardino and a Ph.D. in Education from UCLA.


A champion for LABI College, Dr. Grace became the first female Academic Dean in LABI’s history. As a mentor, role model and an advocate for education, her students followed her example and pursued higher education and now hold many prestigious public, private, and ministerial posts. Within her service, Dr. Grace has developed social service programs and training curriculum for several major non-profit, government, and faith denominations, located throughout the United States, Mexico and Japan, to name a few.


In 2009, Dr. Scott was invited to be part of the LABI/LATS Restructuring Committee. As Consultant and Lead Facilitator, she updated the Constitution and Bylaws, recruited new Board members, and hired a new President. In addition to her new positon as Chairwoman of the LABI Board, Dr. Scott serves as President of the LABI College Foundation. A passionate advocate for LABI and for higher education, Dr. Grace was awarded the first ever LABI Alumni Legacy Award in 2011. In 2016, Dr. Grace was officially recognized by LABI as one of the “Pillars of our Faith.” Along with this honor, LABI has named a dorm hall in her honor. On May 28th, 2016, Dr. Scott was conferred an Honorary Doctorate degree in Education from LABI College, also being the first woman to receive an Honorary Doctorate from our LABI College..


When asked about Dr. Grace, LABI College President Harris stated, “She is an exemplar alumnus, educator, academic leader and board member. The College owes a tremendous debt of gratitude for her sacrifices, service and investment into LABI over the last 50 years. It is a privilege to serve with and for Dr. Grace!”


New Resident Director “Interns” Join The LABI College Family!

Rosemarie (Rose) Miramontes and Alan Guzman are recent graduates of LABI College and, reporting to the Dean of Students, Eli Vega, will be serving as “interns” in the Student Life department over the summer and possibly through the fall semester.
Rose Miramontes and Alan Guzman bring a host of experiences to these internship roles, serving as Resident Assistants, Writing Center tutor, Student Governance Association member, LABI College Touring Team members, and Chapel Worship Team members. Rose and Alan will also be preparing the dorms, helping with admissions support, study centers, mapping programing and other areas to assure an excellent matriculation and preparation for the fall semester.
About Rosemarie Miramontes
Rosemarie Miramontes is an LABI Alumni from Lancaster, California. While at LABI College, she served as a tutor at the Writing Center, as SGA Secretary, and on the school’s worship teams. Rosemarie is a driven and dedicated individual who graduated with honors as the Valedictorian of the class of 2016. Her future plans include pursuing higher education and becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist. While interning at LABI College, Rosemarie hopes to serve the kingdom of God by being intentional with every student and staff member, and by being faithful in her daily tasks.
About Alan Guzman
Alan Guzman is an LABI Alumni from Saint Louis, Missouri. Throughout his time at LABI he served on the chapel worship team and on the touring team. In addition, he served as a Residence Assistant and as Lead Residence Assistant during three out of his four semesters. Alan is a very dedicated and passionate individual who serves out of his love for God. Alan graduated LABI College with honors, and plans to pursue higher education in Theology. While interning at LABI College, he hopes to continue growing alongside those he is serving, and impact the next generation for the Kingdom of God.
Please join me in both thanking and congratulating each of them for their service and dedication as they enter these new roles!
Eli Vega, Dean of Students

Rev. Felix Garcia Has Been Appointed as an LABI College Presidential Advisor!

As we continue to make progress at LABI College, it is critical to have trusted and effective leaders from the community extend support and advice to the President’s Office. As such, and with the endorsement of the President’s Cabinet and administrative team, I am pleased to appoint Rev. Felix Garcia as “Presidential Advisor on Strategic Church Partnerships for LABI College.” Though this is not an official board position, the volunteer post serves as a trusted advisor to the President’s office. Some areas needing stronger influence, investment and such guidance for LABI College include: building of strategic church partnerships, Spanish-academic programming considerations, and strengthening our bridges and connections with and through our Southern and Northern California communities and churches.
Pastor Felix Garcia and I go back nearly 20 years. As a younger professor at Vanguard University, in the late 1990’s, Rev. Garcia invited me to his home, fed me, and provided many opportunities and guidance on my professional career and how to stay connected with and be involved within our Hispanic Assemblies of God churches. He brought me to the LABI Chapel to speak on multiple occasions. More recently and through prayer, God has guided me back to Pastor Felix; As someone to reach out to and to appropriately use in helping to guide our efforts in church communications, and to help with our building church/community bridges for LABI College. Though we may not always agree on strategy, when Pastor Felix has provided guidance to me in the past, he has spoken with conviction, care, and love for me, my background, and always in relation to efforts for service to the community and Kingdom. I consider him to be a personal “Pillar of our Faith” and as you may know, we named an LABI dorm room after him and his wife. Effective immediately, please join me in welcoming and congratulating, “Rev. Felix Garcia in his appointment as Presidential Advisor (to my office) on Strategic Church Partnerships for LABI College.”
Dr. Marty Harris
President, LABI College

The Christian Evangelistic Association has a New Scholarship for LABI College Students!


The “Rossi Study Center for World Evangelism” (CWE) Scholarship was established in honor of the newly named Dr. Maximo and Olympia Rossi Study Center at LABI College. This scholarship will be awarded to students with outstanding Christian testimony and a heart for evangelism and missions. The deadline for application submission is July 1st for the 2016-2017 academic year. Click on the link to view the application and specific requirements: CLICK HERE! 


LABI College 2016 Commencement Speaker: Dr. George O. Wood!


We are excited to announce that Dr. George O. Wood is the 2016 commencement speaker for LABI College! On many levels we are pleased and honored that Dr. Wood has accepted our speaking invitation. His leadership, excellence, and strategic vision has helped transform churches and higher educational institutions across the United States. Our graduation ceremony will be hosted at Templo Calvario Church, Santa Ana (CA), and is scheduled for May 28, 2016 at 9.30 AM.


About Dr. Wood-

Dr. Wood is the son of missionary parents to China and Tibet.   He earned his doctoral degree in pastoral theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California; from Western State College of Law, Fullerton, California he received his juris doctorate. He completed his undergraduate work at Evangel University, Springfield, Missouri. Additionally, the Southern Missouri District conferred Dr. Wood’s ministerial credentials in 1967.

In the past, Dr. Wood served as the Assemblies of God’s general secretary; the assistant superintendent of the Southern California District Council of the Assemblies of God; the chairman of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship; the pastor of Newport-Mesa Church, Costa Mesa, California. He was also a faculty member of the department of theology and Bible at Vanguard University.

Dr. Wood currently serves as the CEO and general superintendent of the the Assemblies of God, USA, which is the largest protestant denomination in the United States. Dr. Wood is also a member of the denomination’s Executive Leadership and Executive Presbytery teams. Further, he serves as a Trustee Emeritus on Vanguard University’s Board of Trustees. Dr. Wood, a popular speaker and writer, is the author of numerous books. Sermons by Dr. Wood may be heard at

Please join us on Saturday, May 28th, 2016 for this historic occasion for the College and to celebrate with our students as they move on to the next phase of service for the Kingdom!


Dr. Marty Harris

President, LABI College

Biblical Higher Education Accreditation: A Goal Within Reach for LABI College!



“God is raising up a remarkable new generation of spiritual leaders who love God boldly and serve Him courageously.” ~ Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE)

Unlike traditional regional accreditors that accredit mostly secular and some Christian universities; Biblical Accreditation requires special attention, emphasis and assurances that “Bible and Ministry” objectives are at the core of the learning experience. On November 15th, 2015, LABI College submitted to the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) an extensive portfolio of over 1,000 pages of reports, assessments and related documents. This portfolio’s review led to ABHE’s approval for an official “Candidacy” site visit for this fall. Recently, LABI College President- Dr. Marty Harris, has been invited to serve as an official ABHE Accreditation Site Team Evaluator for ABHE Bible colleges. This past spring, Dr. Harris visited Bible Colleges in Florida and Ohio, where he provided evaluative feedback and reports related to: Mission, Goals, and Objectives, Authority and Governance, and Student Services, among others. This fall Dr. Harris has been invited to serve on an additional ABHE site visit team for a Bible College in Virginia. These experiences in working with ABHE will provide a good foundation as LABI College prepares for our own site visit. Biblical Higher Education Accreditation is a goal for our beloved LABI College, and it is within reach!
Why is Biblical Accreditation important for LABI College? Here are just a few reasons…
· For the public, accreditation promotes assurances of standards, excellence, and quality;
· For prospective students and their parents, accreditation serves a consumer protection purpose;
· For prospective employers/churches, it provides assurance that the curriculum is appropriate;
· For the church, and ministerial profession, it promotes the notion of rigorous preparation;
· For the federal and state levels and other public agencies, it helps to establish financial aid;
· For private banks/lenders, it provides a level of assurances for private lending opportunities;
· For foundation grants, it represents a solid indicator of a program’s quality and viability;
· For the College, it provides a foundation for articulation agreements and transfer of credit;
· It promotes self-evaluation/continuous improvement and provides for accountability;
· Accreditation enhances the College’s local, regional, and national academic reputation.
Please pray for our next level of review and consideration from ABHE, and for God’s blessings to rain down on our progress, as we achieve this goal for our beloved LABI College.
Dr. Andrew Stenhouse, Vice President of Academic Affairs, LABI College
Dr. Marty Harris, President, LABI College

Inauguration of the newly named Dr. Simon Melendres Library & Dr. Joel Torres Writing Center: April 14


We are honored to present the newly named Dr. Simon Melendres Library & Dr. Joel Torres Writing Center!

On April 14th, LABI College will be hosting the celebration of the newly named Writing Center and Library in the LABI Chapel from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. We welcome all of you to join us.
Pillars of Our Faith: Dr. Simon Melendres and Rev. Joel Torres represent giants that have stood the test of time through their loyalty, service, and exemplary lives. Serving LABI College and the Church at large, they have operated as pillars for the Pentecostal community to continue the good work their lives so dedicatedly represent. This new naming of the “Dr. Simon Melendres Library” and “Dr. Joel Torres Writing Center” reflects our response and affirmation for their many years of service.
About Dr. Simon Melendres: After graduating from LABI-Texas in 1958, Rev. Simon pastored in Julesburg, CO, as Rev. Simon served as President of the Christ Ambassadors (now known as Youth Director) until 1960. From 1960-1971, he served in various ministry positions in California including: Pastor in Compton; Christian Ed. Director; District Presbyter – L.A. Section; Professor and member of the Board of Trustees at LABI during Rev. Theodore Bueno’s tenure. In 1965, Rev. Simon graduated with a BA from Southern California College (now Vanguard University). After serving as a Pastor in Denver and Greely, CO from 1972 to 1983, the Melendres family moved back to California to serve as Pastors at Las Buenas Nuevas Church in Norwalk. In 1987, Rev. Simon Melendres was appointed President of LABI in La Puente, serving from 1987 to 1999. During this time he earned an MA in Religion from Azusa Pacific University in 1995. In 2015, Rev. Simon Melendres was conferred an Honorary Doctorate. Rev. Simon and his wife Martha presently serve as Senior Pastors at Templo Roca Firme in Riverside and is an Honorary Presbyter for Section II of SPD.

About Dr. Joel Torres: Rev. Joel Torres first pastored a church in Milliken, Colorado during his senior year in high school in 1953. Thereafter, he studied at Southern California Bible College (now Vanguard University) where he graduated with a double major in 1958. At SCBS he met his wife Anita Torres, graduated together, and married a year and a half later. In 1960, the Torres family moved to Greeley, CO where he earned an MA in Education from the University of Northern California. Soon after, Rev. Joel Torres was invited to come to LABI to teach. While Joel Torres taught, Anita Torres worked as the school secretary. The Torres family lived on campus in what is now our LABI Writing Center. In 1968, at age 34, Rev. Joel Torres became President of LABI. During his tenure, he earned a Master in Theology degree from Azusa Pacific University. From 1978-1981, he served as Secretary-Treasurer for the District. In 1981, he was conferred an Honorary Doctorate degree from LABI. In 1992, Joel Torres was elected District Superintendent serving until his retirement in 1996. He lived with his wife Anita Torres across the street from LABI until he went to be with the Lord.


Join the LABI College’s President’s Circle, by Making a Year-End Gift Today!

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year end

Generation after generation LABI Alumni have gone out into the world and done extraordinary things for the Kingdom of God. Now, we need your help in making LABI’s mission a reality for many who may need some additional financial support. With your tax deductible donation of $20, $50, $100, or any amount, LABI can continue to invest into the next generation of missionaries, pastors, and other professions that will impact and change the world for Jesus.
As a member of the President’s circle, your benefits go far beyond the satisfaction of assisting students in their educational endeavors. A gift of $100 or more qualifies you for membership.


Click the link to read more:


LABI College Launches New Foundation

POSTED ON December 23rd  - POSTED IN LABI News
The LABI College Foundation received Board of Trustee approval to move forward at its September 2015 meeting. Today, the new Foundation received the California’s Secretary of State approval to operate as a Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation. Dr. Grace Morales-Scott (Dr. Grace) , a strong advocate for education saw a need to seek and invest gifts that were designated for endowments and student scholarships as the College seeks accreditation. Dr. Grace has a long and rich history with LABI College, serving as a professor, Academic Dean, Lead Consultant in the Strategic Restructuring of LABI and now Secretary of the Board of Trustees. As such, and with unanimous consensus, Dr. Grace was appointed to serve as the President of this newly established LABI College Foundation. In addition to raising funds for student scholarships, the Foundation will also engage in capital campaigns for campus improvement projects. When asked about the need and impact of the new Foundation with the College, Dr. Grace shared “The Foundations will play a pivotal role in our future. The donations and partnerships this organization develops will make a difference for our students.” President Harris shared that “this new Foundation will work collaboratively with the College to ensure that our students will have greater opportunity to concentrate on their studies and be less distracted about the scholarship and financial support they may need as they pursue their LABI education”
Dr. Grace is a 1961 graduate from LABI. Her varied ministry experiences include co-pastoring and planting new churches in Northern and Southern California, New York and in Puerto Rico. In 1981, she returned to LABI as an associate professor and in 1982, was hired as the first female to serve as the Academic Dean of LABI. Dr. Grace earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Masters of Arts in Educational Counseling from Cal State University-San Bernardino, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Education from the University of California, Los Angeles. As an educator, Dr. Grace has taught at Victor Valley Community College, Cal State University-San Bernardino, and at Biola University, and has trained corporations at the local, state, national, and international levels. She has received numerous awards/recognitions from elected officials for her work with marginalized persons. In 1991 and in 1996, she became the first bi-racial female to be inducted into the Alumnus Hall of Fame at Victor Valley Community College and at Cal State University-San Bernardino for her educational achievements. In 2011, Dr. Grace was awarded the first ever LABI Alumni Legacy Award from LABI College.
The Foundation supports LABI College in a number of ways including:
· Providing scholarships for LABI students;
· Enhancing the physical and aesthetic community of LABI College;
· Assisting with an overseeing the LABI College Alumni Association;
· Accepting gifts of money, property, and related assets having real value, and;
· Establishing endowments and student scholarships.

LABI College Launches the Dr. Isaac Canales Preaching Center

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The Isaac Canales Preaching Center at LABI College is being developed to provide a framework and foundation to preaching technologies, sermon techniques, and message development for pastors, pastors in training and other students, hoping to develop and advance their preaching experiences. The Preaching Center will provide an archive of lectures, presentations and sermons from Dr. Canales and others. It will also host Pentecostal preachers of influence in helping to provide workshops, trainings and interactive conversations with those wanting to affect and improve upon preaching within the pulpit. For now, the Preaching Center will be housed with and work collaboratively with the Hispanic Institute of Pentecostal Studies, also at LABI College. Dr. Canales has a long and rich history as a legendary preacher within and beyond the Hispanic community. Please see Dr. Canales’ bio below.

The Rev. Dr. Isaac J. Canales, PhD. is the Senior Pastor of the Mission Ebenezer Family Church, in Carson, CA, a dynamic urban ministry, ministering to over 3,000 people per week. Dr. Canales received his B.A. in Religion with Highest Honors at Vanguard University in 1974 and his MDIV at the Divinity School, Harvard University (class of ’78). At Fuller Theological Seminary, he earned his PhD. (’93) in New Testament. Dr. Canales served at Fuller Theological Seminary for twenty years. He then took on the role of President of our own Latin American Bible Institute for six years. Dr. Canales is a scholar, published author, and a masterful exponent of the Gospel, preaching across America, across generational constituencies, diverse races/cultures, and denominations. Nonetheless, his greatest achievement is at home, married to Ritha Brubaker Canales for nearly four decades. They are proud parents of three mighty men of God: Joshua, David, Jacob and their beautiful wives and grandchildren. “Every good gift comes down from the Father of lights” (St. James 1:17).

Sample Sermons by Dr. Isaac Canales (e-link) below



LABI College Awarded a Major Foundation Grant!

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LABI College President Dr. Marty Harris met yesterday with a private family foundation to review a grant proposal for the College.  In preparing this grant proposal, President Harris over the course of several months met with LABI staff, administrators, board members, student life leaders, SGA president and others. The proposal included a request for investment in (a) several Dorm Student Study centers, (b) Library Study Center, (c) Dorm Lobby Improvements, (d) Chapel Upgrades and more.  The family foundation reviewed our request, and stated that they were pleased with our past success and committed a significant donation to help us with these projects! This grant will provide needed, functional and aesthetic improvements to bless our students and our campus.  These projects and financial donation are also connected with our recent selection as the Mission American Placement Service (MAPS) host college for 2016.  MAPS is an Assembly of God sponsored team of leaders, construction workers, electricians and other skilled labor, who interview then select one College or University per year to dedicate a labor force to complete identified projects.  Though we have the funds to complete all of the required construction and modifications, we still need some financial support in terms of new furniture, computers, and small upgrades. We are thankful for God’s provision with this family foundation grant and ask that you consider investing in one or more of these projects by visiting the following link:

God is Good!


LABI Accreditation (ABHE) Update

POSTED ON December 3rd  - POSTED IN LABI News
LABI College has worked diligently as a community of believers to assure that our goal of a Biblically based accreditation is in reach. Following the link below you will find an overview of this progress, representing several years of good work to demonstrate that we have sufficient policies, governance, educational quality, qualified faculty, support systems, learning objectives, research and assessment, and fiscal responsiveness worthy of the next phase of accreditation (Candidacy Status). Please feel free to review the nearly 700 pages of documents that support our latest ABHE responses (November 15th, 2015). We ask for your continued prayers as we continue with our progress, process and vision to help LABI College achieve accreditation and become one of the best Bible Colleges, to better equip tomorrow’s pastors and church leaders. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly: 951.534.6635 (cell) or by email: I would welcome a meeting or conversation.
Marty Harris, PhD
President, LABI College

The Hispanic Institute for Pentecostal Studies hosts the Inaugural Lecture

POSTED ON September 29th  - POSTED IN LABI News

The Hispanic Institute for Pentecostal Studies at LABI College invites YOU! Please join us this Wednesday from 10:00AM-11:00AM for our premiere Inaugural Lecture: “Best Practices: Lessons Learned from 50 Years of Ministry” by Dr. Graciela Morales-Scott. See our flyer for more information! We cannot wait to fellowship with you!

LABI hosts Hispanic Pentecostal Heritage Week

POSTED ON September 14th  - POSTED IN LABI News

LABI College has a rich Hispanic Pentecostal History! It is a history that we want to celebrate every day. This week September 15th-17th we will be doing a special week honoring our rich Hispanic Pentecostal roots. We have dynamic and powerful speakers lined up for every chapel service this week. They will be emphasizing on our glorious history as well as our current charge to keep the flame going. This will be a time of celebration in the word and fun activities throughout the week. Do not miss out on a chance to honor and celebrate our wonderful history.

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