LABI Student Life Update by Robert Cerda, Chief Student Affairs Officer


The LABI College student life team has diligently been working on creating a healthy, productive, and pleasant campus life experience. Our core objectives are to enable our students to focus on developing academically, spiritually, and socially. We have made improvements in promoting healthy habits, leadership skills, and physical fitness, through classes, trainings and/or workshops. We have achieved and made much progress through our monthly strategic goal setting. Our first priority was to identify several policy areas that needed immediate attention for clarity, and to lower liability risks for LABI College. Additionally, the College has carried out two emergency and evacuation drills (November 2014 and March 2015). These drills included the designation, training and guidance with Campus Safety Administrators. This year we spent a large amount of time training and developing our student leaders . All student leaders received training on the following areas: Preventing Sexual Harassment, Developing Heathy Habits, How to identify Eating Disorders, How to Identify Depression, General Policy and Procedures, Customer Centricity, Time Management, Pastoral Care, Spiritual Warfare, Leadership, Janitorial Cleaning and Chemicals, and how to respond to emergencies.
We have also contributed to physical space improvements, painting, furniture, and added additional chapel services for the students. Back in November we read, “25 Ways to Win with People” by John C. Maxwell and Les Parrot, PHD. The following month we conducted a leadership outing and two of our meetings focused of “Decision Making” and “How to Resolve Conflicts.” We have also read, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni. In addition, both the residence and student body association teams have conducted several activities that support the academic, spiritual, and social life of our students and received much positive feedback.

LABI Student Highlight: Karen Perez


Karen Perez is a first year student with LABI College. Although she enjoys classes and bonding with her roommates, onearea of LABI that she sincerely enjoyed this semester were the early morning prayer times which all students are encouragedto attend. The prayers have helped her grow a deeper relationship with God and also have helped her through tough timesin her life. One of her favorite professors this semester is Rebekah Rossi who teaches Pentecostal Theology. Karen lovedlearning about Pentecostalism, especially, history, leaders, and big movements in the class. She also enjoyed learning fromProfessor Elizabeth Baez in the Spiritual Care and Healing class. It was in those two classes that she learned about her rootsand about herself. “Coming to LABI has opened my eyes for ministry… I now feel hungry to minister to people and become involved in the church!” exclaimed Karen.

Read about Karen and other news at LABI from our Spring 2015 newsletter here:

New Student Open House Invitation


Do you feel a call to Ministry, but don’t know what the next step is? Let us help you. Join us for our New Student Open House!
Watch this short video for more information!
To RSVP, simply follow the link below.

Flowers of LABI


The LABI College campus might be small but, it sure is beautiful! This collage showcases the lovely flowers and trees around the campus. The photos were taken by Jessica Estrada, Chief Communications Officer, who is also a professional photographer. Living on campus with her husband, she enjoys her small walk to her office. On the way to her office, she always notices the gorgeous flowers and trees. Most of the flowers and trees have been on the campus when she was a student at LABI (2001-2003).

If you are a current student or alumni, then you know how beautiful each season is on campus. If you are planning on coming to LABI, YOU ARE GONG TO LOVE OUR SMALL, BEAUTIFUL, AND INTIMATE CAMPUS!!‪#‎LABIisLEGIT‬ ‪#‎FlowersOfLABI‬

 Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.35.18 AM

Offices will be closed in observance of Memorial Day


The LABI College offices will be closed in observance of Memorial Day on Monday, May 25th. The offices will resume to their regular business hours on Tuesday, May 26th.

Please take a moment to thank all those that serve our country and also remember those that gave up their lives to defend the country. We thank these brave men and women for their service. God bless America!

Spring 2015 Newsletter


Check out the Spring LABI College newsletter which highlights: commencement, baccalaureate, accreditation, LATS, Extensions, and more! Plus, read a special message from the LABI/LATS President & CEO, Dr. Marty Harris. Enjoy! #LABIisLEGIT

3 New Presidential Cabinet Members Appointed!


DSC_0011 (1)

It is a pleasure to introduce the three newest Presidential Cabinet members who were appointed by Dr. Marty Harris, President of LABI College. New to the Presidential Cabinet is Gabriela Mora, Sandra Cerda, and Rebekah Rossi. It is exciting to see Dr. Harris expanding the Presidential Cabinet with three strong women who represent the heart of LABI so well.

One of the three newest members is Gabriela (Gabby) Mora. Gabby is the ExCEL Program Coordinator at LABI College. Her primary duties include, promoting, recruiting, managing, scheduling, and developing key elements to launch the ExCEL Program.

The next addition to the Presidential Cabinet is Resident Director, Sandra Cerda, who has been with LABI College since January 2012. Sandra currently oversees the entire Residence Hall, Servant Leadership program, Work-study program, and all Guest Services. Her primary responsibility is to select, lead, direct, and supervise a staff of 4 Resident Assistants. She also assists in the operations of the Servant Leadership program.

Lastly, the newest of the three added to the team is Rebekah A. Rossi, Missionary in Residence and Director of the Writing Center. In 2008 she graduated from Bethany University with a degree in Intercultural Communications and a Minor in Biblical Language. She also earned a license with the Assemblies of God. Later she pursued her Master of Divinity in Islamic Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary in Southern California.

It is an honor to see the Presidential Cabinet grow in numbers and diversity. We look forward to seeing what God is going to do through these powerful women to impact LABI College.

Welcome to the team ladies!

Now Offering Summer Courses


We are excited to announce that for the first LABI is now offering 8 week summer courses during June through July. This is a great opportunity for students to complete needed units or get ahead with their required classes. In addition, the faculty will also be offering special “summer only” electives that will cover a range of topics such as biblical languages. So if you are interested and would like to enroll contact the academic office or send us an email at (Academic Dean) or (Registrar). More classes to be announced soon!



LABI College will be closed in observance of Good Friday


LABI College will be closed in observance of Good Friday. There will be no classes on Friday, April 3 and all offices will be closed.

Classes and offices will open on Monday, April 6.

“Surely our griefs He Himself bore, And our sorrows He carried; Yet we ourselves esteemed Him stricken, Smitten of God, and afflicted. But He was pierced through for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; The chastening for our well-being fell upon Him, And by His scourging we are healed.…” Isaiah 53:4-5



Greetings LABI community! We have relocated some offices in order to be more efficient and effective for our students, guests, and administration. This new flow of office structures will benefit new and exciting events and visits such as Alliance Endorsement Review, ABHE Accreditation visit, College Days, and the LABI students overall.

LABI has relocated the following offices: Chief Academic Officer, Registrar, Enrollment, and Media. The office of the Chief Academic Officer, Registrar, and Enrollment are now located in the Administration Building. The Media Department is now located in the north half of the Academic building. Lastly, the Extensions Assistant, Janet Muñoz, has remained in the same building but relocated to the old office of the Academic Dean.

Check out the new campus map  to see where all the offices have moved. ‪#‎LABIisLEGIT‬

Campus Updated map



Join our certificate program in Psychology, Pastoral Care & Counseling!


As a minister and professor of clinical psychology for nearly twenty years, I am aware of the great need to equip our church leaders with the essentials on how to address emotional distress, mental health crisis, and substance abuse issues. Church leaders may benefit from certificate training to help them better understand the symptoms, causes, and treatment options for emotional disorders. Our certificate program in Psychology, Pastoral Care and Counseling is designed to offer that training. This six course program meets Saturdays (10am to 2pm) and can be completed in six months. Graduates will learn about human development, pastoral care and counseling, brain and behavior, common psychological disorders, therapy options as well as an overview of psychopharmacology. Significant church member and pastoral scholarship discounts are available! Please also feel free to contact me directly for more information at (626) 968-1328.

Dr. Marty Harris, President of LABI College & LATS


Find out more information at our Open House meeting on Saturday, April 18th




President Harris speaks of Christian Faith at Chapman University


On Wednesday March 11, LABI College President and CEO Dr. Marty Harris will be giving a lecture on the power of “Faith and Diversity”. Dr. Harris will be discussing the Faith Factors, Psychiatric Diagnosis and treatment considerations for the Latina/o community. He will elaborate on topics such as: Latina/o Diversity, The Epidemiological Paradox, and The Etiological Treatment Model. This event will be held at Chapman University and will be presented in front of doctoral students and faculty.

Meet the LABI College Leadership Team


The role of the President’s cabinet at LABI College serves many functions. The role of a cabinet member includes that of a campus leadership review and recommendation body, advisor to the President, and someone who by nature of their role and authority has significant influence over a particular area or group of our community. Further still, cabinet members move and operate as an extension of and with authority of the president’s office; coupled with equal responsibility in making good decisions, protecting our institution, and in taking action through their respective roles. They also meet with the President daily and regularly, through stand-up meetings, staff meetings and cabinet meetings. Their role is also to serve as a critical voice to the stakeholders and constituents they serve. Their role has major impact on affecting policy recommendations, board interactions, and decisions that can have campus wide impact. Please see the link below that shares some about each member. As you see and meet with these folks, please remember to lift them up in prayer, and thank them for their service to your beloved LABI College.


LABI College Publishes Campus Monthly Reports Online!

POSTED ON February 25th  - POSTED IN LABI News

In the spirit of broad communication and transparency, LABI College has been publishing campus reports monthly.  These reports are available on-line on the LABI College website ( and began in October 2014. These campus monthly reports provide an overview of updates prepared by LABI departments and leadership team members representing – LABI College, Institute, Extensions, and Seminary.  This report provides an opportunity for monthly community sharing on progress, opportunities, and challenges and related to our goals, programs, people, and processes.  Additionally, minutes, agendas and progress reports are also included for all major meetings.

Please click the following link for our latest monthly report (January 2015): . For a full list of reports please click on:

For more information, comments, or recommendations please contact Priscilla Sanchez, Executive Editor for the LABI Campus Monthly Report office, at 626.968.1328 Ext. 3023 or email

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