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Blessings in the name of the Lord. I want to provide some updates as we start the fall 2015 season.

Promoting our Hispanic Pentecostal Heritage: At LABI College we are continuously reminded of our great Pentecostal roots, woven intimately within our Hispanic heritage. As such, and with support from our board, we will be launching the “Hispanic Institute for Pentecostal Studies at LABI College.” This new institute will begin by launching lectures, workshops and trainings for our community. The themes may include church and organizational leadership, the role of the Hispanic Pentecostal Church within our Community, Society and Global Impact, and other relevant or scholarly topics. The goals include: blessing our churches, leaders, students, staff and faculty. We also believe this new institute will help to develop the “branding” of LABI College as the premier Hispanic Pentecostal Bible Institution in the country. Please stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the inaugural lecture.
LABI College Accreditation Update: Earlier this year we received commendations with our progress (report and site visit) from the Association of Biblical Higher Education. In June, we received full endorsement from the Alliance for Higher Education of the Assemblies of God. For those being reviewed at the time, LABI College was the only college that received full endorsement without any required action! This endorse
ment also reflects our goal to offer the highest quality Assemblies of God Biblical training, and education. Additionally, and at that meeting, your president was elected by the Assemblies of God College and University Presidents to serve as an Executive Board Member for the Alliance. Within that role, I will represent LABI College in actions, discussion and recommendations that may impact all Assemblies of God Colleges and Universities. Also, On September 23rd, 2015 (9:00am to 12:00) we will be hosting a community-wide open house to share our Bible College progress, goals, and successes. Please join us. (For more information visit our website at )
Strategic Partnerships and Articulation Agreements: Your president has been working closely to solidify new and improved articulation agreements and academic partnerships that will bless our students as they graduate and transfer to accredited four-year colleges. These efforts include meetings with Presidents and Provosts of: Vanguard University, Northwest University, North Central University, Pacific Oaks College and more. We have also been invited by Teen Challenge to work within their bible and ministry program to provide potential educational opportunities for their students.

Extension Sites: We continue to grow and expand our Bible and Ministry educational opportunities through our Extension Sites. We have approximately sixty locations that serve approximately one thousand students. I have recently been a part of the development of our larger sites in Chula Vista and Tijuana. We look to continue to develop those sites, training and experiences for our churches, church members, and our pastors of tomorrow. Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of providing opportunities for these graduates to continue with an associate or bachelor’s degree from LABI College.

Latin American Theological Seminary (LATS): As we continue to develop new locations and launch new sites, LATS has the greatest potential for growth. We are considering offering an English speaking bachelors program in theology (currently in Spanish only). We are also exploring the possibility of launching an Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS) program on our La Puente campus. We are also considering merging with another Master’s program in Theology (Spanish). This past spring we launched our first LATS-ExCEL program to help pastors and church leaders address mental health issues within the church. The six month (Saturday only) program titled: Psychology and Pastoral Care has been well-received and provides pastors and church leaders with a framework to help their members who might have a mental health crisis associated with depression, anxiety, suicide, or substance abuse among others. We look forward to launching other ExCEL programs in: Church Leadership, Church Business and Finance and Youth Ministry and/or others.

New Updates with Staff: Over the past summer we had three staff leave for new career opportunities. These include related positons at Vanguard University, Azusa Pacific University and a restaurant. In response, we strategically appointed a new director of Library services, New Communications Officer, and hired a new Chef. We also had the opportunity to search for a new Vice President of Academic Affairs. After a six month search process, that included faculty, staff, students, and board members, we had success. Dr. Andrew Stenhouse an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God, and nearly 25 years of Christian higher education and church leadership experience, began his new role August 17th, 2015. Dr. Stenhouse has led accreditation efforts, is a published scholar and successful researcher, and has also had great success in working with LABI in the past. Dr. Stenhouse and I have worked closely on many grant initiatives centered on faith-based approaches to education, treatment and prevention, among others.

President’s Update: It has been nearly a year since I took over as president of LABI College and LATS. As a licensed and ordained ministry for over 15 years, the heart of my leadership and educational strategy is built upon biblically preparing tomorrow’s pastor for service and ministry, locally and globally. I have served in Christian higher education as a professor and academic leader for over twenty years, mostly at Assemblies of God Universities (Vanguard University, Bethany University and Northwest University). I have also had extensive experience as a consultant, grant writer/recipient and grant reviewer to several federal government agencies including the U.S. Department of Education Title V Program: Hispanic Serving Institutions, U.S. Department of Justice, SAMHSA, CSAP, CSAT, CMHS and several others. I believe these experiences, along with my accreditation background will continue to serve our progress. Our LABI College Mission to train, educate and prepare tomorrow’s leaders for pastoral positions within the church and world remains unchanged! This year has been a wonderful opportunity for accreditation improvements, and strategic partnership development and growth planning. We are an official affiliate member of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. We have invested in our Bible and Ministry curriculum, learning outcomes, assessment process, and program effectiveness templates. We have also made major improvements to the cafeteria, campus signage, administrative, and enrollment offices and have plans for upcoming improvements to the library, study centers, and dorms.

Finally, as you hear of our progress, have questions, concerns or comments about these or other initiatives, I encourage you to reach out to me for coffee and conversation. I value your guidance and advice that will make LABI College even better. I will be reaching out to many of you to invite your input on our progress. I hope to partner with you more effectively over the coming months and years.

It is a pleasure to serve with and for you as president of LABI College and LATS,

Marty Harris, PhD
Dr. Marty Harris,
President and CEO, LABI College and LATS


LABI College Promo Video 2015

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LABI College’s mission is to graduate Godly individuals prepared to serve Christ in the church and society. We truly believe our strong Bible-centered academics at LABI will help make an extraordinary impact on this world for the cause of Christ!

For more information please visit the LABI College website or call us at 626-968-1328.


LABI College Welcomes Professor Vikram Peters as the – New Associate Chair for the Department of Bible and Ministry!


Peters_Vikram_original-17fee5580f7a6d0e6423e4b0b38534e2After careful consideration, discussion and approval from our Dean of Academic Affairs, it is with great enthusiasm that I announce that LABI College Professor Vikram Peters has been appointed as “Associate Chair” for the Associate Program in Bible and Ministry. This appointment will begin officially August 17, 2015. This position is designed to provide general academic leadership support to the Academic Dean, Vice President of Academic Affairs, President and others. It is designed to also provide our academic program with greater infrastructure, to invest in existing and future academic program development, accreditation support efforts, and faculty leadership and development. This particular role is significant, the responsibilities great, and we believe Professor Vikram is the right person at the right time to guide us through the next steps in terms of these areas. One particular role Professor Vikram will play is in working directly with the President’s Office and in launching the“LABI College” Presidential Leadership Lecture series. He will be setting the stage for community, research and scholarship oriented lecture and discussions to engage our community, pastors, professors and students.

As you see Professor Vikram on campus, please congratulate and thank him for his service to LABI College! Short Bio–Professor Vikram received his Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies from Vanguard University and his Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Loyola College. He has served as an associate professor at LABI College since 2011 teaching a variety of courses including Ethics and Early Church History. He is also an adjunct professor at Life Pacific College. In addition, he has held a variety of ministerial leadership positions within the church and community. These have included working with, mentoring, worship and other functions associated with South Cost Childrens Society, Action Mentoring, The Garden Church, and New Hope Grief Recovery Center.


Dr. Martin Harris, PhD
LABI / LATS President & CEO

LABI College and LATS Welcomes: Dr. Andrew Stenhouse, New Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs


Andy-Stenhouse-13-023_FINAL-300x300LABI College and Latin American Theological Seminary have carried out an exhaustive six month search process for a new and senior academic position: Provost andVice President of Academic Affairs.

Our comprehensive search team and evaluation process included many stakeholders, represented by Faculty, Staff, Cabinet Members, Administrators and Executive Board Members. Multiple individual and search team interviews were conducted, a community lecture on leadership was carried out and many other evaluative processes. As such, it is with great enthusiasm to announce that Dr. Andrew Stenhouse has accepted, this position effective Monday,August 17th, 2015. His role also includes that of “Professor (full)of Psychology and Pastoral Care.” Please join me in welcoming Dr. Stenhouse to the LABI/LATS family, and when you are on campus, please stop by to say hello and to congratulate him personally.

Dr. Marty Harris, PhD

LABI & LATS President / CEO

Short Biography of Dr. Andrew Stenhouse 

A credentialed minister with the Assemblies of God, Dr.Stenhouse has had experience over the last 25 years in a number of key university positions.  These positions included working with partnerships, transfer bridge programs, faculty, staff and many administrators from LABI College. He founded and directed the Organizational Psychology program for Concordia University Irvine, overseeing Southern California’s first Bachelor ofScience Degree in Organizational Psychology designed for working professionals. Dr. Stenhouse also served at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) California campuses as the Dean of Academic Affairs. TCSPP, is the country’s oldest and largest regionally accredited graduate school dedicated exclusively to the study of psychology. While at Vanguard University Dr.Stenhouse was the executive Director of the Judkins Institute for Leadership Studies, Director of the Organizational Leadership graduate program, Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Programs for the School of Religion, and Dean of the School for Graduate and Professional Studies. He has extensive experience, history and success with regional and professional accreditation efforts. He has also managed and over seen several grant funded and research projects that included work with Union Rescue Mission, LA Mission, Saddleback Church, and Teen Challenge International, among others. Dr. Stenhouse holds a doctorate in institutional management from Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology, a Masters in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Leadership Studies. He also holds a Bachelor’s in Cross Cultural Studies.

Pastoral House Fundraiser


Our newly appointed campus pastor (Rev. Krystal Baca) will be working and living on campus. We need $5,000 more to complete this project and your donation is much needed! Those who donate will have their name placed on a perpetual brass plate and include it with the pastoral house.

Please click that donate button and make a difference on our campus.
Share this campaign to get the word out there!

Blessings friends,

-LABI College


LABI College Launches New Alumni Website “FOREVERLABI”


Since 1926, LABI College has trained thousands of pastors, ministers, youth directors, superintendents and church leaders. Recently we have made great progress with our accreditors, receiving a site visit from the Association of Biblical Higher Education with several commendations. We have also been fully endorsed with another visit and commendations from the Alliance for Higher Education of the Assemblies of God.

More recently, and as part of a presidential initiative, Dr. Marty Harris has charged our staff with developing an initial website to connect our LABI alumni, providing opportunity for communication, and to build bridges with our connecting churches and pastors. I am pleased, honored and blessed by the launch of this website ( Through this website (ForeverLABI) you can: join the LABI College alumni foundation, purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts, hear of LABI alumni news and events, and give to your alma mater! Please spend a few moments visiting through these web pages, stay connected, and help us promote our beloved LABI College.


President Harris


LABI Student Life Update by Robert Cerda, Chief Student Affairs Officer


The LABI College student life team has diligently been working on creating a healthy, productive, and pleasant campus life experience. Our core objectives are to enable our students to focus on developing academically, spiritually, and socially. We have made improvements in promoting healthy habits, leadership skills, and physical fitness, through classes, trainings and/or workshops. We have achieved and made much progress through our monthly strategic goal setting. Our first priority was to identify several policy areas that needed immediate attention for clarity, and to lower liability risks for LABI College. Additionally, the College has carried out two emergency and evacuation drills (November 2014 and March 2015). These drills included the designation, training and guidance with Campus Safety Administrators. This year we spent a large amount of time training and developing our student leaders . All student leaders received training on the following areas: Preventing Sexual Harassment, Developing Heathy Habits, How to identify Eating Disorders, How to Identify Depression, General Policy and Procedures, Customer Centricity, Time Management, Pastoral Care, Spiritual Warfare, Leadership, Janitorial Cleaning and Chemicals, and how to respond to emergencies.
We have also contributed to physical space improvements, painting, furniture, and added additional chapel services for the students. Back in November we read, “25 Ways to Win with People” by John C. Maxwell and Les Parrot, PHD. The following month we conducted a leadership outing and two of our meetings focused of “Decision Making” and “How to Resolve Conflicts.” We have also read, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” by Patrick Lencioni. In addition, both the residence and student body association teams have conducted several activities that support the academic, spiritual, and social life of our students and received much positive feedback.

LABI Student Highlight: Karen Perez


Karen Perez is a first year student with LABI College. Although she enjoys classes and bonding with her roommates, onearea of LABI that she sincerely enjoyed this semester were the early morning prayer times which all students are encouragedto attend. The prayers have helped her grow a deeper relationship with God and also have helped her through tough timesin her life. One of her favorite professors this semester is Rebekah Rossi who teaches Pentecostal Theology. Karen lovedlearning about Pentecostalism, especially, history, leaders, and big movements in the class. She also enjoyed learning fromProfessor Elizabeth Baez in the Spiritual Care and Healing class. It was in those two classes that she learned about her rootsand about herself. “Coming to LABI has opened my eyes for ministry… I now feel hungry to minister to people and become involved in the church!” exclaimed Karen.

Read about Karen and other news at LABI from our Spring 2015 newsletter here:

New Student Open House Invitation


Do you feel a call to Ministry, but don’t know what the next step is? Let us help you. Join us for our New Student Open House!
Watch this short video for more information!
To RSVP, simply follow the link below.

Flowers of LABI


The LABI College campus might be small but, it sure is beautiful! This collage showcases the lovely flowers and trees around the campus. The photos were taken by Jessica Estrada, Chief Communications Officer, who is also a professional photographer. Living on campus with her husband, she enjoys her small walk to her office. On the way to her office, she always notices the gorgeous flowers and trees. Most of the flowers and trees have been on the campus when she was a student at LABI (2001-2003).

If you are a current student or alumni, then you know how beautiful each season is on campus. If you are planning on coming to LABI, YOU ARE GONG TO LOVE OUR SMALL, BEAUTIFUL, AND INTIMATE CAMPUS!!‪#‎LABIisLEGIT‬ ‪#‎FlowersOfLABI‬

 Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.35.18 AM

Offices will be closed in observance of Memorial Day


The LABI College offices will be closed in observance of Memorial Day on Monday, May 25th. The offices will resume to their regular business hours on Tuesday, May 26th.

Please take a moment to thank all those that serve our country and also remember those that gave up their lives to defend the country. We thank these brave men and women for their service. God bless America!

Spring 2015 Newsletter


Check out the Spring LABI College newsletter which highlights: commencement, baccalaureate, accreditation, LATS, Extensions, and more! Plus, read a special message from the LABI/LATS President & CEO, Dr. Marty Harris. Enjoy! #LABIisLEGIT

3 New Presidential Cabinet Members Appointed!


DSC_0011 (1)

It is a pleasure to introduce the three newest Presidential Cabinet members who were appointed by Dr. Marty Harris, President of LABI College. New to the Presidential Cabinet is Gabriela Mora, Sandra Cerda, and Rebekah Rossi. It is exciting to see Dr. Harris expanding the Presidential Cabinet with three strong women who represent the heart of LABI so well.

One of the three newest members is Gabriela (Gabby) Mora. Gabby is the ExCEL Program Coordinator at LABI College. Her primary duties include, promoting, recruiting, managing, scheduling, and developing key elements to launch the ExCEL Program.

The next addition to the Presidential Cabinet is Resident Director, Sandra Cerda, who has been with LABI College since January 2012. Sandra currently oversees the entire Residence Hall, Servant Leadership program, Work-study program, and all Guest Services. Her primary responsibility is to select, lead, direct, and supervise a staff of 4 Resident Assistants. She also assists in the operations of the Servant Leadership program.

Lastly, the newest of the three added to the team is Rebekah A. Rossi, Missionary in Residence and Director of the Writing Center. In 2008 she graduated from Bethany University with a degree in Intercultural Communications and a Minor in Biblical Language. She also earned a license with the Assemblies of God. Later she pursued her Master of Divinity in Islamic Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary in Southern California.

It is an honor to see the Presidential Cabinet grow in numbers and diversity. We look forward to seeing what God is going to do through these powerful women to impact LABI College.

Welcome to the team ladies!

Now Offering Summer Courses


We are excited to announce that for the first LABI is now offering 8 week summer courses during June through July. This is a great opportunity for students to complete needed units or get ahead with their required classes. In addition, the faculty will also be offering special “summer only” electives that will cover a range of topics such as biblical languages. So if you are interested and would like to enroll contact the academic office or send us an email at (Academic Dean) or (Registrar). More classes to be announced soon!



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