Meet the Staff

Photo of Dr. Martin Harris
Dr. Martin Harris
President, LABI/LATS
Photo of Eli Vega
Eli Vega
Chief Enrollment Officer
Photo of Rodolfo Estrada III
Rodolfo Estrada III
Dean of Academic Affairs
Photo of William Mendoza
William Mendoza
Admissions Specialist
Photo of Joshua Escandon
Joshua Escandon
Chief Marketing Officer
Photo of Gabriela Mora
Gabriela Mora
Business Office Assistant
Photo of Ruben Mora
Ruben Mora
Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Dennis Rivera
Dennis Rivera
Associate Dean, Theological Seminary
Photo of Jose Luis Saavedra
Jose Luis Saavedra
Dean LABI Extension
Photo of Rebekah Rossi
Rebekah Rossi
Dean of Students
Photo of Chef Mario Ramirez
Chef Mario Ramirez
Director, Dining Commons
Photo of Nehemias Romero
Nehemias Romero
Chief of Staff and Director of Institutional Aid
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