Hello, and welcome to the Dr. Simon Melendres Library here at LABI College 2018!  I am so pleased to present a new, updated library that is growing, changing and developing before our eyes.  We are presenting to the entire faculty, staff, students and friends of LABI College, a new library Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) with a growing number of titles that we have so generously acquired in hard print.   Accessible to all of you will include a digital circulation process for you to place holds and check out books.  In addition, a brand new set of databases for research purposes, both for theological and general education, as well as e-books and links to useful websites can be found here to help you with your academic needs.

Please click the following link to access the LABI Dr. Simon Melendres Library catalog.
Atla theology databases can be found here.
Ebooks (depending upon vendor); Research Guides; and important educational links can be found here.


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