The President’s Award of Excellence

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The President’s Award of Excellence was developed and implemented in September of 2014 coinciding with the first month of the tenure of Dr. Marty Harris.  Dr. Harris believes it is imperative that we promote and cultivate a climate of “excellence” in all that we do as we work, serve, and build our beloved LABI College.  As such, each month Dr. Harris and the President’s Office have identified servant leaders who model this example.  These awards are made to students, staff, faculty, board members, alumni and other dignitaries who have exemplified this award.  Recipients for 2014 – 2015 are listed below:


February 2017

Admin: Sara Lopez

Admin: Rebekah Rossi

Student: Itzel Rojo

Student: Vivian Ramirez

Student: James Villatoro

Student: Elias Garcia

April 2016

Student: Yrushalem Hernandez

Student: Itzel Rojo

Student: Stephanie Lazos

Admin: Sara Lopez

Admin: Rebekah Rossi

Admin: Eli Vega

March 2016

Board Member: Earl Massey

Pastor: Alberto Bello

Student: Adilia Aguillon

Student: Marco Parra

Student: Sarai Sifuentes

Student: Rosemarie Miramontes


February 2016

Dignitary: Cyndelia Miranda

Admin: Eli Vega 

Staff: William Mendoza

Student: Margarito Cuevas

Student: Alan Guzman

Student: Nallely Cabrera

Student: Ivan Chavez

Student: Stephanie Lazos

October 2015

Admin: Robert Cerda

Staff: Sandra Cerda

Staff: Joshua Escandon

LABI Community Member: Norma Villar

Faculty: Andrew Stenhouse

Staff: Mario Ramirez

Student: Stanley Villanueva

Student: Wendy Reyes

September 2015

Student: Karina Rivera

Alumni: Jenny Santana

Staff: Krystal Baca

Staff: Sandra Cerda

Faculty: Vikram Peters

Pastor: Danny DeLeon

April 2015

Board Member: Dr. John Peréa

SPD: Rev. Silvia Carrizo

Intern: Josh Escandon

SPD: Brian Alvarez

Student: Pastor Michael Duran

Student: Bethany Alvarez

Student: Karina Rivera

Alumni: Raquel Vega

March 2015

Student: Geovanny Nuñez

SPD Official: Pastor Manny Rodriguez

Student: Nathan Perez

Alumni: John Lopez

Student: Wendy Angeles


February 2015

Board Member: Augie Lopez

SPD Official: Sister Antonina Arroyo

SPD Official: Rudy Paniagua

Professor: Louis Kang

Staff: Daniel Maya

Staff: Becky Rossi

Alumni: Juan Molina

Student: Dulce Gonzalez

Student: Maria Luisa Guillen Fernandez


January 2015

Administrator: Ruben Mora

Administrator: Robert Cerda

Administrator: Jessica Estrada

Staff: Olga Mejia

Staff: Miguel Muñoz

Staff: Sandra Cerda

Staff: Steve Valdez

Student: Margarito Cuevas

Student: Marco Cuevas

Student: Marco Magaña


December 2014

Administrator: Robert Cerda

Staff: Sandra Cerda

Staff: Miguel Muñoz

Student: Margarito Cuevas

Student: Marco Cuevas

Student: Marco Magaña

Student: Rodrigo Caballero


November 2014

Board Member: Dr. Sergio Naverette

Administrator: Rubén Mora

Administrator:  Jessica Estrada

Staff: Nehemías Romero

Staff: Janet Muñoz

Staff: Becky Rossi

Staff: Krystal Baca

Student: Benito Villegas

Student: Mayra Garcia Mora

Student: Ivan Chavez


October 2014

Board Member: Dr. Grace Morales-Scott

Administrator: Eli Vega

Staff: Jose Luis Saavedra

Staff: Miguel Muñoz

Professor: Dr. Richard Winter

Student: Christian Alcala

Student: Danny Rivera

Student: Barbara Beltran


September 2014

Board Member: Dr. John Brito

Administrator: Steve Pinto

Administrator: Rudy Estrada

Administrator: Sara Lopez

Administrator: Priscilla Sanchez

Professor: Vikram Peters

Student: Gabriela Mora

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