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Where faith and education converge to create a transformative learning experience!

Our Associate Degree in Bible and Ministry program not only equips you with a solid biblical foundation but also emphasizes the integration of faith into every aspect of your ministry journey. Through our Bachelor's Degree in Theology, you'll explore profound theological concepts while nurturing a deeper relationship with your faith, preparing you to be a spiritually grounded leader in your community. In the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology program, we emphasize the integration of faith and compassion, empowering you to approach psychological principles with an understanding of the human spirit. Likewise, our Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program teaches you how to lead with integrity, ethics, and Christian values, preparing you to excel in the corporate world while staying true to your faith. At LABI College, we believe that faith is the cornerstone of knowledge and character, and we are excited to walk alongside you on this holistic educational journey that embraces your spiritual growth and academic pursuits.


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One of the best decisions I've made in my life is coming to LABI. I was an on-campus student, I lived there for 4 wonderful years, and they were very important years of my life. God used those years to teach me so much and to prepare me for ministry. I learned so much daily from my professors, from my friends, in the classrooms and in chapel. There is no better way to prepare yourself for a successful ministry, than to attend LABI and live there on campus. I highly recommend it.

Sergio Navarete, D. Min. 

Director of Hispanic Initiatives, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and  

VP of Hispanic AG Global Fraternity 

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