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Certificate in Ministerial Studies (CMS)



  • Extremely cost-effective, 

  • Total 10 online courses

  • Achievable in less than a year

  • Transferable towards LABI associate or bachelor degrees

  • Satisfies educational requirement towards credentials


The Ministerial Studies Certificate at LABI College is designed to provide an online centered program reflective of sufficient depth, breadth and scope generally expected of a specialized education program. This program is designed for individuals who are already in ministry or are seeking ministerial training, personal development, and a foundational theological education.


In addition, completion of this certificate meets the basic educational requirement for entry level ministry credentials with the Assemblies of God.

While LABI College does not grant ministerial credentials, this certificate is geared toward individuals interested in applying for the Certified Minister Status with the US General Council of the Assemblies of God.


Program Learning Outcomes (PLO’s)

There are three core learning outcomes of the program. 


Graduates from our program will be able to demonstrate:

  • Ministerial Foundation

  • Pentecostal Theological Knowledge

  • Appreciation of the Bible 


Ministerial Foundation

Students will be exposed to foundational knowledge of ministry for a Christian setting. They will also be able to understand the basics of pastoral leadership.


Pentecostal Theological Knowledge

Students will gain a basic competency in theological knowledge from a Pentecostal perspective. 


Appreciation of the Bible

Students will develop competency skills in reading biblical texts for preaching and teaching. They will also be able to communicate, discuss, and present interpretations of the biblical text for a ministerial context.

Certificate in Ministerial Studies Core Curriculum

(10 Courses/Units)

8 Week courses provided all year long:

Division of Ministry Required: 3 courses

  • MIN170 Spirit Empowered Church (1)

  • MIN181 Ministry Practicum (1)

  • MIN203 Ministerial Ethics (1)

Division of Theology Required: 3 courses

  • THE126 AG History, Mission & Governance (1)

  • THE220 Introduction Pentecostal Theology (1)

  • THE222 Theology I (1)


Division of Bible Required: 4 courses

  • BIB103 Old Testament Survey (1)

  • BIB107 Life of Jesus (1)

  • BIB123 New Testament Survey (1)

  • BIB125 Introduction to Hermeneutics (1)

Certificate in Ministerial Studies Program Cost

LABI offers a quality academic education at a substantially low cost. We place a goal on providing an excellent academic experience while serving the needs of students who desire to enter ministry and serve in the church and community. As such, the Ministerial Studies certificate program is $235 per course (including registration and technology fees) which provides a cost effective alternative for those seeking credentials.  


Total Cost (per course) $235

Total Cost for entire program $2350


Certificate in Ministerial Studies Suggested Paradigm

Below is a suggested paradigm that will enable students to successfully complete the program online within nine months. The paradigms below are meant to serve the student as a guide. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that he or she is enrolled in the appropriate courses. Please contact an academic advisor for information or questions.



Semester 1: Spring

  • BIB103  Old Testament Survey (1)

  • THE126 AG History, Mission & Governance (1)

  • MIN170 Spirit Empowered Church (1)

Semester 2: Summer

  • BIB107 Life of Jesus (1)

  • BIB123 New Testament Survey (1)

  • THE220 Introduction Pentecostal Theology (1) 

  • MIN181 Ministry Practicum (1)


Semester 3: Fall

  • BIB125 Introduction to Hermeneutics (1)

  • THE222 Theology I (1)

  • MIN203 Ministerial Ethics (1)

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