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Pastoral Ministry


The Office of Spiritual Formation exists to serve, equip and contribute to the spiritual formation of the students, staff, and faculty during their educational experience at LABI College.



To accept, facilitate, and encourage the LABI community to spiritual maturity and ministry by emphasizing a personal relationship with God, healthy relationships, student-led ministry, small group mentoring, and corporate worship.


Values: E7

E1: Equip NexGen Leaders (The Pastoral House)

  • We equip the next generation leaders by providing an educated and experienced staff composed of licensed Pastors, Pastoral Interns, and Student interns. We provide Student Ministry Internships for appropriately called, gifted and available men and women, with the intent of preparing them to serve as leaders of existing churches, church planters, or trailblazers in their communities. We provide Pastoral Ministry Internships as an opportunity for LABI Alumni to gain experience in various areas of pastoral ministry, under the supervision and guidance of the Lead Campus Pastor and the Pastoral Staff.


E2: Encounter God (Morning Prayer/Chapel)

  • We encourage every student to spiritual maturity through on-campus daily devotionals, and regular chapel attendance. The Chapel provides a space for the community to gather as we consider and celebrate the ways that we are all connected.  There are a variety of speakers and topics planned throughout the school year.


E3: Establish Healthy Relationships (Pastoral Guidance/Counseling)

  • The Pastoral House is dedicated to the spiritual health of our students. Our goal is to be welcoming to every student and to view everyone with intrinsic value. Our policy and philosophy gears toward pastoral and biblical guidance; Pastors use the Bible as guide and share from life and ministry experience. It is not the practice of the Pastoral Team to medically counsel individuals.  If such counseling is needed we refer to a licensed professionals.


E4: Empower Students for Ministry (Mobilization/Internships)

  • To help our students discover, develop, and deploy their gifts, talents, and abilities the Pastoral Office has partnered with over 40 local churches in our Mobilization/Internship program. Local congregations are catalysts for community change and optimize the mutual respect, resources, and common purpose critical in caring for students.


E5: Engage in Small Groups (D-Group/Life Groups)

  • All students are encouraged to join a campus small group. These groups are staff-led with five to eight students covering a variety of topics and themes. Through authentic relationships, in-depth scripture study, prayer, and friendship, small groups provide an avenue for personal growth and vital Christian community on LABI’s campus.

E6: Encourage Unity (Spanish Pastor/Woman’s Pastor)

  • We are committed to being intentionally bilingual and multicultural. We understand that we are a unique community of Spanish, English, and bilingual speaking students. Our entire ministry is committed to welcoming every student and to view everyone with intrinsic value.

E7: Educate the Spirit Filled Life (Practicum)

  • The pastoral office teaches four academic practicum courses. The courses include but are not limited to administration of liturgy, church management, conflict management, and personal leadership development. These courses are designed to mentor, support, and instruct students through the challenges of ministry via interactive lectures, class discussion and reflection papers.

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