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Student Financial Services

The Business & Finance Office is responsible for managing student billing and accounts. This includes billing students for the semester, collecting payments, student account refunds, and providing general assistance to students regarding their student account. Whether it be in person or over the phone, the Business & Finance Office is available to assist you manage your financial obligation to LABI College effectively during your time as a student.


*Please note that although the Business & Finance Office does work closely with Federal Financial Aid, Institutional Aid, and Work-Study,it is not responsible for the awarding of either type of aid.


here to walk you through it

Financial Registration

At the beginning of each semester, students must complete their 1) Academic Registration (enrolling into classes) and 2) Financial Registration in order to start attending their classes. Financial Registration cannot take place, however, until students accept or deny any Federal Financial Aid, Institutional Aid, and/or Work-Study award. Once this is done, the Business & Finance Office will apply any awards accepted to your semester billing and begin your Financial Registration process. Each step in the Financial Registration process must be completed by the Financial Registration deadline.  Below, please find more information on the steps that are required in order to complete your Financial Registration for each semester:


STEP 1: Submit all required financial registration documents (sent via Docusign)

  1. Enrollment Agreement Form

  2. Student Cost Breakdown Form

  3. Payment Plan Agreement Form (if applicable)


*Please note that these documents must be completed each semester.


STEP 2: Select a Payment Option for the Semester

  1. Students can pay their full balance for the semester by the Financial Registration Deadline with cash, check, or credit/debit card or,

  2. Enroll into a payment plan for the semester. In a payment plan, 50% of the total cost for the semester after financial aid and institutional aid awards are applied is due upfront by the Financial Registration Deadline. The remaining balance is then divided into three, equal consecutive monthly payments.


* Please note that there is a $50.00 late Registration fee that will be incurred if your Academic and Financial Registration is not completed by the Financial Registration deadline. 

Payment Information

Students can make a payment in-full or enroll into a payment plan for the semester for their semester balance. Payments can be made in-person in the Administration Office during office hours, via phone during office hours, or through mail. Below, please find more information regarding payments:

  1. In-Person Payments: The Business & Finance Office is available in-person to receive cash, check, or credit/debit card payments within office hours. Please note that there is an additional 3% processing fee for all credit/debit card transactions. 

  2. Over-the-Phone Payments: You can make an over-the-phone payment with your credit/debit card by calling 626-968-1328 during operating hours. Please note that there is an additional 3% processing fee for all credit/debit card transactions.

  3. Mail: Students may make payments via mail. ONLY MAIL CHECKS, NOT CASH. Please make all checks payable to LABI College and mail to:

    LABI College
    Attn: Business & Finance Office
    14209 E Lomitas Ave.
    La Puente, CA 91746

    If you are mailing a check, we require that you write a memo to ensure the check is applied correctly. For example: “Student Name” Tuition Payment or Scholarship for “Student Name”

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees noted below are stated for the current 2022-2023 academic year and are billed per semester. LABI College reserves the right to change tuition, fees, and/or charges without advance notice should the conditions so warrant. The below costs are approximate charges for the semester and degree seeking programs.


*Please Note that these figures do not include the cost of books, supplies, special fees, transportation or personal expenses. 

Approximate Cost per Semester for 2023 - 2024 Academic Year

Off - Campus
Tuition at Full - Time 16 Units ($365.00 per unit)
Registration Fees
Student Fees
Room and Board
Dorm Security Deposit*
Parking fee (optional)*
Payment Plan*


Refund Policy

Contact Us

* Dorm Security Deposit is only charged once for the duration of the whole program for an on-campus student. It is fully refunded if no damages are made to dorms during the duration of the student’s stay.

* Parking fee is optional and charged per semester.

* Payment Plan fee is optional and charged per semester.

* The Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) only applies to students residing in California during their studies and is charged at $2.50 per $1000 rounded to the nearest $1000. Please see page 25 of the Catalog to read more about the STRF.


Other Fees

Other Fees:

Transcript Fee $10.00

Rushed Transcript Fee $25.00

Returned Check Fee $35.00

Late Registration Fee $50.00

Late Payment Fee $25.00 

Graduation Participation Fee $175.00

Graduation Non-Participation Fee $150.00

Cap and Gown - prices may vary


Tuition refunds are processed when a student withdraws from the full program or reduces their units. A Withdrawal Request Form is required to be filed with the Registar. This refund is only for students who have completed 60 percent or less of the period of attendance and will be a pro rata refund. For more information on the Tuition Refund Policy, see page 25 in the Catalog.

Business & Finance Office


Phone: (626) 968-1328 ext. 3006

Mailing Address: 

    LABI College

    Attn: Business & Finance Office

    14209 E Lomitas Ave. 

    La Puente, CA 91746


Office Hours: 

Monday-Thursday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Friday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

*Please note: All LABI Office closed for lunch Monday-Friday from 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

To make a 30-minute in-person or phone appointment with the Business & Finance Office, please click here

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