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Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Bachelor Degree Program Information

LABI offers a Bachelor of Arts in Theology degree designed to equip students with biblical, theological, and ministerial knowledge. The coursework includes general education requirements for the degree which reflects the conviction that students should expand their knowledge across various disciplines. The degree requirements also include the completion of a capstone project that aims to demonstrate the completion of the program objectives.

The Bachelor of Arts in Theology Program Objectives

With an urban emphasis will provide students with the essential biblical, theological, and urban ministerial skills necessary for various types of service in the multicultural context. Additionally, coursework and a guided thesis will provide students with the skills for higher education. There are five core learning objectives for graduates of our program.

Applied Urban Ministerial Practice

The graduate from our program will be able to demonstrate a wide range of knowledge and experiences related to applied urban ministerial practice. This includes skills such as understanding and ministering to the contemporary problems and realities of race, justice, culture, environment, and poverty issues that impact the contextual setting of urban ministry. Graduates will value an urban context and gain knowledge in how to minister within this setting.

Contextual Theological Knowledge

The graduate from our program will be able to demonstrate competency in contextual theological concepts. Students will be able to identify and articulate theology from a Pentecostal and urban context.

Critical Analysis of the Bible

The graduate from our program will be able to assess and evaluate biblical texts; assess and evaluate the historical and literary composition of the text. They will also be able to communicate, discuss, and present contextual interpretations of the biblical text.

Information and Writing Literacy

The graduate from our program will be able to demonstrate information and writing literacy skills, write effectively and within a research format, generate theories, and in written format able to effectively articulate their reasoning.

Communication Effectiveness

The graduate from our program will be able to integrate awareness and knowledge of various biblical concepts, theological perspectives, and contextual issues through an effective verbal communication approach. Appropriate communication will include but is not limited to, course presentations, paper presentations, teaching, video development, preaching, and success through the communication components of the portfolio project.


Bachelor of Arts in Theology Core Curriculum 

120 Units Total


Division of General Education  (Required: 30 Units)

●       SPE106 Public Speaking (3)

●       ENG126 Persuasive Writing (3)

●       ENG220 Research Writing (3)

●       PSY112 Marriage and Family (3)

●       PSY101 Introduction to Psychology (3)

●       MAT163 Math and Personal & Financial Management (3)

●       HIS165 US History (3) or HIS180 Latinos in US History (3)

●       HIS202 Church History (3)

●       HIS204 World Civilization (3)

●       SOC240 Introduction to Sociology (3)


Division of Ministry (Required: 30 Units)

●       MIN110 Practicum I (1)

●       MIN120 Practicum II (1)

●       MIN130 Practicum III (1)

●       MIN155 Spiritual Disciplines (3)

●       MIN156 Effective Leadership (3)

●       MIN199 Christian Worldview (3)

●       MIN270 A Spirit-Empowered Church: An Acts 2 Model (3)

●       MIN330 Introduction to Urban Ministry (3)

●       MIN350 Expository Preaching (3)

●       MIN300 Mission and Culture (3) or MIN400 Cross-Cultural Ministry (3)

●       MIN430 Race, Poverty, and the Environment (3)

●       MIN450 Ministry and Social Justice (3)


Division of Theology (Required: 24 Units)

●       THE103 Introduction to Systematic Theology (3)

●       THE124 Pentecostal Theology (3)

●       THE182 Comparative Religions (3)

●       THE256 Theological Ethics (3)

●       THE242 Eschatology (3)

●       THE300 Introduction to Public Theology (3) or THE200 Pastoral Theology

●       THE352 Pneumatology (3)

●       THE400 Contextual Theology (3) or THE340 Introduction to Mission Theology


Division of Bible (Required: 24 Units)

●       BIB110 Old Testament Literature (3)

●       BIB120 New Testament Literature (3)

●       BIB220 Biblical Exegesis (3)

●       BIB213 General Epistles (3) or BIB235 Prison Epistles (3)

●       BIB223 Jesus and The Gospels (3)

●       BIB202 1 Corinthians (3) or BIB295 Romans (3) or BIB315 Job (3)

●       BIB233 Acts (3) or BIB300 Gospel of John (3)

●       BIB350 Kingdom of God in the Testaments (3)



Electives (Required: 12 Units)


* Other Bible, Ministry, Theology, and General Education courses not listed above may satisfy requirements for those respective divisions. Please contact the Academic Advising office for guidance on what courses meet program and division requirements.

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