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LABI College is committed to providing institutional aid for students who meet eligibility requirements. Institutional aid includes the following endowments and scholarship awards with their given requirements. Please view Institutional Aid & Endowments for more information.


Applicants must meet the following requirements:


  • New incoming students must have successfully completed their admission's application for LABI College prior to beginning institutional aid application. This includes the enrollment deposit fee.

  • Must have been admitted and enrolled at LABI College for scholarship consideration.

  • Must maintain a 2.0 term GPA 

  • Returning students must have successfully matriculated or academically registered. Failure to do so will delay the student's opportunity to receive any type of scholarship.

  • Institutional Aid Scholarships require students to take a minimum of 16 units.

  • Endowment Scholarships require students to take a minimum of 12 units.

  1. Complete an admissions application for LABI College.

  2. Complete the institutional aid application.

  3. Application will go under review with the institutional aid committee. 

  • Recipients may renew their scholarship upon meeting the scholarship requirements. Please view the list of scholarships and requirements.

  • Students must maintain an outstanding Christian testimony in the areas of Residence Life and Spiritual Formation in order to renew their scholarship for the following semester.

  • Students with an outstanding student account will not be awarded Institutional Aid.



*Students cannot be awarded more than one of each type of scholarship (Institutional Aid and Endowment) but may receive one if eligible.


Submitting an application before the priority deadline (June 26) increases your chances of being awarded, as funds are available. However, submitting an application does not guarantee any scholarship awards.

*All applicants must apply for Federal Financial Aid

before applying for any Institutional Aid.

Here for you, every step of the way!
LABI College

Students Receiving Aid

About 90% of LABI College students receive scholarships/institutional aid

Average Aid Offer

100% of eligible students recieve some type of Institutional Aid.

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