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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Degree Program Information

Students graduating with a B.A. in Psychology from LABI College will have a foundational knowledge, research, cognitive, and Christian perspective in psychology. Students graduating with a B.A. in Psychology from LABI will demonstrate competencies with the core concepts, theories, research and history as it relates to psychology from a Christian perspective.

Bachelor or Arts Degree in Psychology

Program Learning Objectives

  1.  Understand and appreciate psychology as a scientific discipline.

  2. Reflect critical thinking, writing, and knowledge in general areas of psychology.

  3. Understand core perspectives of behavioral, biological, human development, cognitive, humanistic, counseling and Christian perspectives of psychology.

  4. Explain various research and statistical methods used by clinical and research psychologists.

  5. Explain theories of human development across the lifespan from infancy to geriatrics.

  6. Understand abnormal behavior, diagnostic categories, and psychopharmacology.


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Core Curriculum


General Education Core Requirements                                            30 Credits

  •   SPE106 Public Speaking (3)

  •   ENG126 Persuasive Writing (3)

  •   ENG220 Research Writing (3)

  •   HIS165 US History (3)

  •   HIS180 Latinos in US History (3)

  •   HIS204 World Civilization (3)

  •   PSY112 Marriage and Family (3)

  •   PSY101 Introduction to Psychology (3)

  •   SOC240 Introduction to Sociology (3)

  •   MAT163 Math and Personal & Financial Management (3)


Bible/Theology/Ministry Core Requirement*                                     30 Credits

  •   BIB110 Old Testament Literature (3)

  •   BIB120 New Testament Literature (3)

  •   THE103 Introduction to Systematic Theology (3)

  •   THE256 Theological Ethics (3)

  •   THE124 Pentecostal Theology (3)

  •   MIN155 Spiritual Disciples (3)

  •   MIN156 Effective Leadership (3)

  •   MIN199 Christian Worldview (3)

  •   Any other qualified BIB, THE, or MIN course

  •   Any other qualified BIB, THE, or MIN course


Major Core Requirements                                                                   48 Credits

  •   PSY110 General Psychology (3)

  •   PSY 210 Child Growth and Development (3)

  •   PSY 221 Personality Theory (3)

  •   PSY 250 History and Systems of Psychology (3)

  •   PSY 311 Adolescent Psychology (3)

  •   PSY 323 Integration of Psychology and Theology (3)

  •   PSY 333 Statistics (3)

  •   PSY 343 Research Methods (3)

  •   PSY 410 Abnormal Psychology (3)

  •   PSY 411 Principles of Counseling (3)

  •   PSY 420 Social Psychology (3)

  •   PSY 421 Biological Psychology (3)

  •   PSY430 Pastoral Psychology (3)

  •   PSY 440 Psychology of Leadership

  •   PSY 494 Senior Thesis Project (3)

  •   PSY 497 Field Experience in Psychology (3)


Electives                                                                                                12 Credits


                                                                                                            120 Total Credits

* Other Bible, Ministry, Theology, and General Education courses not listed above may satisfy requirements for the core bible/theology/ministry group. Please contact the Academic Advising office for guidance on what courses meet program and division requirements.


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology Degree Paradigm

Below is a suggested paradigm that will enable students to successfully complete the program within four years. The paradigms below are meant to serve the student as a guide. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that he or she is enrolled in the appropriate courses.

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