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Historic Grant Awarded to Southern Pacific District (SPD) of Assemblies of God for Mental Health, Pastoral Leadership, and Women in Ministry

In an announcement at the yearly Christmas banquet held on December 11th, 2023, SPD Superintendent, William Rodriguez revealed that a major grant, prepared by the LABI College grant team, has been awarded to the district. The grant writing team is made up of Dr. Marty Harris, Gabriela Mora Alvarez, and Nehemias Romero.

The superintendent commended the collective dedication and hard work that went into the grant proposal’s preparation, emphasizing the extraordinary commitment demonstrated by the team. Much of the grant's groundwork lasted for nearly four consecutive months. This commitment and sacrifice underscore the team's passion for making a lasting impact on the SPD district.

Humbled and thrilled to share that our LABI College grant team, including myself, helped secure this grant for our District. This grant focuses on mental health, pastoral leadership, and women in ministry—areas close to my heart. This marks a new chapter for SPD, emphasizing our potential for positive change. Excited to see the impact of our collective dedication unfold. Grateful for the opportunity to contribute to our community's well-being. Amen.

-Dr. Marty Harris, President and CEO, LABI College

The grant is set to address crucial areas integral to the community's well-being and development. Mental health, pastoral leadership, and women in ministry will be the primary focus areas of this initiative. These three pillars reflect a holistic approach towards community development, encompassing the well-being of individuals, the nurturing of spiritual leadership, and women's empowerment within the ministry.

This historic grant marks a new chapter for the SPD district, symbolizing a powerful affirmation of the community's potential for positive change. As the grant's initiatives unfold, the SPD district is committed to serving as a beacon of inspiration for other communities, demonstrating the profound impact that dedicated individuals and transformative grants can have on society.

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