LABI College Listed in ‘Charisma’s Best’ Magazine!

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

It is with great pride and joy that we announce the listing of LABI College in “Charisma’s Best” magazine publication during the November 2017 release. Named among the list of Charisma’s Best Christian Universities, Colleges and Schools, LABI College received a dove icon characterized as a college with Pentecostal theology and “Charisma’s Best” choice in the nation. This is great news for our beloved school because it not only gives a platform of public recognition but also of national distinction. Through this feature, LABI College is publically distinguishing itself as a Pentecostal community of higher learning fostering biblically based academics with a Spirit filled campus.

In addition, such news has not only recognized our college and theology but will also pave a way for the future of LABI College. Receiving recognition in this list among other Christian universities has made LABI College a valuable and definite choice for future students and their families. “Charisma’s Best” magazine currently serves not only the Pentecostal/Charismatic community but also the overall evangelical population of America. In the word’s of CEO and “Charisma’s Best” founder Steve Strang, the magazine and “school listing serves as an invaluable guide for students, their families, and others assisting them in the critical process of selecting a school” (2017).

Join the LABI College family in sharing this great to our friends, families, and peers. Let us celebrate the true honor in being selected among other Christian universities and colleges for this publication, and even more for receiving “Charisma’s Best” Pentecostal dove distinguishment.

To review the magazine publication you can click on the following link and refer to page 26:

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