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One of LABI’s Greatest Champions has Passed Away

In the Mid 1990’s, I was at a Promise Keepers rally in Washington D.C. and heard Dr. Jesse Miranda  speak for the first time. A man who does not stand very tall, his words echoed like a giant, reaching a million hearts that day. As a professor, dean, grant writer and vice president, and now president, I was privileged for over twenty years to work with and for Dr. Jesse.  LABI College and the Seminary he started (LATS) lost a great champion earlier this month. Dr. Jesse Miranda has been an advocate, friend, and leader of our beloved academic ministry community for over 60 years. His work has been published, researched, cited, and shared in thousands of venues, conferences, workshops and more. He has been a scholar, academic, teacher, pastor, influencer, and above all, servant. 

Dr. Jesse has helped many academic institutions with program leadership, development and diversity objectives. He has advised multiple college presidents, deans, professors, and pastors. He has also counseled and advised multiple U.S. Presidents on issues related to faith based initiatives. For LABI College and LATS, the loss is especially great. Dr. Jesse helped to launch his Center at LABI, procured numerous grants and foundation support, helped to build our college dorms, and pushed for and assisted with our Biblical accreditation efforts.

With Dr. Jesse’s support, leadership and connections LABI was awarded a $550,000 (2015) grant to support our efforts with him and his team. A couple years later (2017), LABI received a second award of $575,000. Over a million dollars of support because of his continued love and support of LABI. Please join LABI and LATS in paying honor and respect to this giant of our faith. 

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